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Prices physiotherapy practice 1190

Physiotherapy Price
30 min physiotherapy €70,-
45 min physiotherapy €90,-
60 min physiotherapy €110,-
Occupational therapy Price
30 min Occupational therapy €70,-
45 min Occupational therapy €90,-
60 min Occupational therapy €110,-

Health insurance reimbursement

We work together with all health insurance companies so that, depending on the duration of your therapy, more than half of the costs incurred can often be reimbursed. Supplementary insurance often covers the rest of the costs.

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FAQ on prices

Frequently asked questions about prices for physiotherapy 1190 Vienna

We accept debit and credit cards such as Visa, MasterCard, Apple Pay and Google Pay. Transfers are possible in exceptional cases.

The reimbursement of costs for physiotherapy by specialized physiotherapists depends on whether you have a prescription from your doctor. If medically necessary, for example after an operation or in the case of restricted mobility, physiotherapy is usually (partially) reimbursed by social insurance. Ask your health insurance company whether and to what extent these costs are reimbursed.

All physiotherapists who have joined Mediphysio have the same training. Physiotherapists can have different specializations, but all physiotherapists are trained to perform all physiotherapy treatments.

There are no discount regulations, not even for a long-term treatment plan.

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