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Andreas Mondl

Head of Physiotherapy at Mediphysio

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About Andreas Mondl

Andreas is the Head of Physiotherapy at Mediphysio and has more than two decades of experience as a physiotherapist. Before becoming self-employed, he worked in a physical institute and gained many years of experience in hospital work.

In addition to his work as a physiotherapist, Andreas has acquired additional qualifications in podiatry, physiotherapeutic ortho-sports training and trigger point therapy.

At Mediphysio, Andreas brings his extensive experience and additional training to his individual treatment method. He shares his philosophy with his team of therapists through regular internal training and individual discussions. Together they continuously inspire and improve.

His interest in movement and training, as well as the associated aspects such as anatomy, physiology, pathology and biomechanics, led Andreas to physiotherapy. Dealing with different people and their individual challenges enriches him every time anew.

Andreas is characterized by his detailed problem analysis. He looks for the causes and motivates patients to improve through education and specific exercises. During therapy, Andreas likes to accompany his patients intensively, but strives to provide them with sufficient knowledge and suitable exercises for their own trainers.
and therapist so that they can deal with their problems independently.

Andreas has set himself the goal of supporting patients with acute injuries as well as in individual health therapy, group therapy and sports-specific training. If required, suitable podological insoles can also be fitted on site to provide optimum foot support, including shoe advice.

In his private life, Andreas is active in sports, from running to cycling (city, racing bike, MTB) and regularly practices joint hygiene, mobilization and stabilization exercises. Every day, if possible, he starts with Wim Hof breathing before starting work, which relaxes and focuses him. With Mediphysio, he wants to continue to grow and move towards a pain-free, joyful future.

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