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Your physiotherapy practice of choice in Vienna

Practice in 19. Vienna district

Opening hours
08:00 – 20:00 Mon-Fri

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Mediphysio is your physiotherapy practice in Döbling

A team of Top Physiotherapist

The physiotherapists who use the Mediphysio platform are all experienced and well-trained physiotherapists. Its core competencies include the specialized treatment of orthopaedic diseases as well as the treatment of neurological diseases.

A center for outstanding physiotherapy care

In the heart of the picturesque 19th district in Vienna, known for its idyllic atmosphere and excellent quality of life, you will find the Mediphysio physiotherapy practice. Situated at the picturesque Billrothstrasse 4, our practice offers a peaceful and healing environment, ideal for your physiotherapy treatment. This physiotherapy treatment center is characterized by a unique combination of highly qualified therapists, advanced treatment methods and close cooperation with leading medical centers and doctors in the district.

Mediphysio at Billrothstraße 4

Our practice is easily accessible and is located in the middle of a lively community, surrounded by numerous medical facilities and specialists. For your comprehensive healthcare needs, we have compiled a list of over 20 medical centers, hospitals and doctors in the 19th district:

  • Vienna General Hospital – A leading hospital with comprehensive medical services. Website: akhwien.at
  • Medizinisches Zentrum Döbling – Offers a wide range of medical specialties. Website: medzentrumdoebling.at
  • Orthopaedic Hospital Speising – Specialized in orthopaedic treatments and surgery. Website: orthospitalspeising.at
  • Herz-Jesu Krankenhaus – Known for its expertise in cardiology and internal medicine. Website: herzjesukrankenhaus.at
  • Pediatric practice Dr. Müller – Specialized in pediatrics and adolescent medicine. Website: kinderarztpraxismueller.at
  • Dermatology Döbling – Specialist practice for skin diseases. Website: dermatologiedoebeling.at
  • Ophthalmologist Dr. Schmidt – Expert in ophthalmology and vision correction. Website: augenaerztinschmidt.at
  • Gynaecology Dr. Bauer – Specialist practice for gynaecology. Website: gynaekologiedrbauer.at
  • Urology Center Döbling – Offers comprehensive urological care. Website: urologiezentrumdoebling .at
  • Neurology Dr. Weber – Specialist in neurology and neurological diseases. Website: neurologiedrweber.at
  • Cardiology Dr. Lehner – Specialized in cardiovascular diseases. Website: kardiologiedrlehner.at
  • Radiologie Döbling – Modern radiological diagnostics and therapy. Website: radiologiedoebeling.at
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